Check Out Heidi Montag's 'Body Language'

Check Out Heidi Montag's 'Body Language'-photo

We know you're excited to hear Heidi Montag's new and improved single "Body Language."

The blonde "singer" has released the single, which she'll be singing live during the Miss Universe Pageant in the Bahamas on NBC Aug. 23.

"I am so excited to perform ... at Miss Universe for my first ever live performance," Montag tells People. "This is such a miracle in life and I give thanks to God everyday for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Are you excited to see Heidi's first ever live performance? You can bet we are! Share your predictions below!



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  • mnemosyne

    uh... downs-syndrome much?

  • thaddyp

    What is this world comng to. Please tell me she has her tubes tied!!!!!!

  • Jane

    please someone, throw a tomato at her. please.

  • Jen

    I can't even believe THEY are letting this idiot perform. This song is so bad, I have no words.

  • supp

    This is a good stripper song.

  • noah

    Greatest song of our generation. Hands down.

  • itsmelaura

    I think the fact that her first performance will be at the Miss Universe Pageant says it all, really.

  • liraz

    she looks retarded haha