Check Out the Kardashian's Christmas Party (PHOTOS)

You've seen the Christmas card, now see what it's like to have a real Kardashian Khristmas!

Khloe Kardashian has shared some exclusive pictures from her family's 2010 Christmas Eve party on her personal blog and the event looked like it was quite the glamorous affair.

"This party is one of our favorite family traditions and I swear they get better every year," Khloe wrote on her blog. "All of our family and friends were there and we just had a ball."

Want to peek at the Kardashian Christmas Eve party? Check out photos of the Kardashian Klan living it up (including snaps from previous family Christmas parties) and share your thoughts in the comments.

Don't forget to check out more photos at Khloe's (newly relaunched) official website.



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  • nikki

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  • cwelch2011

    that is so cute brother and sister

  • celebmega100

    Youre Cute !;)

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    jamiekim,s ex

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  • mir

    Nice pictures. Would have been nicer if they had people's names listed below so we knew who they were.

  • kimmiekey

    Where were Lamar's children?

  • justyy

    aww so cute....

  • Tee119

    love the porn pout lol