Chris Brown has Terrence Howard in his corner

Chris Brown has Terrence Howard in his corner-photo

Considering that Chris Brown has been arrested for assault allegedly on his pop-star girlfriend Rihanna, you would think that America would be united in it's horror over the situation.

Well, make that America minus actor Terrence Howard.

Howard stood by his man when interviewed by heading into celeb central Mr. Chow.

"It's just life man," Howard said of the situation. "Chris is a great guy. He'll be right. Rihanna knows he loves her. They'll be alright. Everyone has just got to get out of their way."



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  • elite90

    All of this role model stuff, is working on my nerves. These people are not asking to be role models, they know they have fans but everybody has their own life to live. Nowadays, everybody is in someone else's business and that is why situations like this blow up to be so huge. I'm tired of everyone attacking Chris Brown like he's a beast or something. Yes, he was wrong for beating her so badly, but honestly, if she wouldn't have did what she did, none of this would have never started. He should've just slapped her around a little. Chris Brown is still a role model, now it depends on how he handles the situation and can possibly help those who have been in this type of situation. I still love Chris Brown and will continue to support him, even if America doesn't. IT'S CHRIS' LIFE AND WHATEVER HE DOES OFF THE CAMERA, SHOULD STAY OFF THE CAMERA! THAT'S WHAT'S WRONG WITH AMERICA TODAY.

  • cb007

    There are womem who beat up women in the industry. That would be the female publicist etc etc.beating up the STAR. You have no idea what "the role model" has to put up with, behind the scenes. Presure and frustration can cause even the placidest of person to explode, through sheer frustration, and no-one to turn to for help.

  • mariposa

    Good for Terrence. Chris needs all the help he can get these days... OMG, i can't believe you really said that. yes Chris makes good music and has a lot of fans, but nothing can save him from this one. he needs all the help he can get? what about her? i'm not a big fan of any of them but please, violence has no excuse and for someone that was considered a role model to do this, it's unacceptable.

  • mycateddie

    He should be ashamed of himself, encouraging Rihanna to go back to a woman beater.

  • ddavenport

    Good for Terrence. Chris needs all the help he can get these days...