Christina Aguilera's Golden Globe Song 'Bound To You' (VIDEO)

Christina Aguilera's Golden Globe Song 'Bound To You' (VIDEO)-photo
Fresh off of her Golden Globe nomination for co-writing the song 'Bound To You' from the movie Burlesque, Celebuzz is proud to present a never-before-seen video of Christina Aguilera belting out the tune that may get her a nice shiny trophy.

In the video, Christina is seen on a bare stage along with a pianist, as she shows off her famous pipes while sitting atop a stool for an intimate performance.

Check it out here:

On Tuesday, Aguilera told Celebuzz that she was "thrilled" with the Golden Globe nomination for her song (as well as for Burlesque being nominated for best comedy/musical). She said:

"I want to thank the HFPA for recognizing our song 'Bound to You'. It is a ballad Sia and I wrote from the heart and one that I am extremely proud of. I am thrilled that our film 'Burlesque' was nominated for a Golden Globe Award. Making this movie was a life changing experience and I couldn't be more pleased that the Foreign Press has recognized the hard work the cast and I put into it. Now I am off to Paris with the cast to continue our international press tour "

Check out Burlesque in theaters now, and let us know what you think of the video in the comments section!



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  • Kira

    The terrible sound quality of the video doesn't help. This song was absolutely beautiful in the movie.

  • kayla

    SHE IS THE BEST AT WHAT SHE DOES! LADY GAGA cannot BEAT THIS...... Christina Aguilera's Bionic album wasn't very successful but hey we all have our falls! She has the best voice. she beats every little girl out there(lady g, kesha, katy perry, and all the other bitches) and if you don't like it f*ck you!

  • DavonFrazier

    You two are crazy. Her vocals are OFF THE CHARTS. watch the movie listen to the soundtrack

  • kMORALES09

    Ivy, you are sooooo right! lol. her voice got a lot more huskier because of the pregnancy! After a women gives birth, her body changes. its like puberty all over again! She is turning into a women! But to get her old voice back she needs to get a vocal coach. she needs to learn how to use her diaphragm for air. not her throat or she will damage her voice forever. Im sure she wil take some! =)

  • Ivy

    I don't if it's me . But i think that she's not as good as she was before her pregnancy. I mean, when i look to her lives before it sounds way much better that what she does now or after the pregnancy ... maybe she doesn't get the time to work her voice as much as she does before. But it's only MY opinion