Christina Applegate's Pregnant Pole-Dancing Lesson (VIDEO)

Christina Applegate's Pregnant Pole-Dancing Lesson (VIDEO)-photo
Christina Applegate sure is one hot mama-to-be. The 39-year-old former Married With Children star, who announced in July that she's expecting her first child with musician Martyn LeNoble, has made a new video for Funny or Die in which she presents a revolutionary new tool for helping pregnant women feel sexy again: prenatal pole-dancing. Yes, really.

Take a pregnant pause out of your schedule and check out the video below. Hilarious, disturbing or both? Render your verdict in the comments section.



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  • juliacamille

    Oh my Gosh where can I buy a copy of this segment? It is hilarious. Dance on girls!


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  • nathantemple24

    i find christina apple gate hilarious. she is my homegirl and i give her mad props. hollywod!!!!!!!!!!!! " you lil sh*t sit there and play innocent a rap felon hit me at kmart and nate witnessed it." eminem

  • a fellow hot prgr
    a fellow hot prgr

    LOVE IT! so funny. nice job ROXY!

  • seekunique1

    whats next. "pregnant pole dancing with the stars". a reality show called, "married with a baby"{as if we needed another moronic reality show}. an exercise video, a book deal, a movie of the week. are there any normal people left in hollywood?

  • Vision

    this is just hilarious, my pregnant wife and i found nothing wrong with this.. people are just being feeble minded and ignorant, take the cork out of your ass and remember to laugh once in a while.