Clay Aiken Is a Proud Papa

Clay Aiken Is a Proud Papa-photo

Clay Aiken is a new dad. His producer/best friend Jaymes Foster has given birth to Parker Foster Aiken. Their son. We swear.

The joyful news was brought forth via Clay's mom reportage to a Raleigh, North Carolina, TV station. She revealed that Parker weighed in at six pounds two ounces, and was 19" long.

Clay is said to be smiling from "ear-to-ear" according to Mrs. Aiken.

Clay and Jaymes will be raising lil' Parker together. Which should prove interesting on a number of levels.

Foster gave birth at an "undisclosed location," according to TMZ. She had to be careful, there are jealous Claymates everywhere!



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  • master

    Clay and Jaymes were together for 3 years. I think they tried and tried to get pregnant for a long time before using IVF.

  • Earl lawrence
    Earl lawrence

    Congrats on your beauitful boy I hope he will be a great singer like his dad look at my gift shop and see if you can get something nice for him and start him out looking great like his dad wish you the best my friend.