Courtney Love Needs Another Hobby

Courtney Love Needs Another Hobby-photo

Apparently, Courtney Love doesn't believe in that whole "Sunday is a day of rest" thing.

The obsessive celebrity blogger went for the gusto Sunday, throwing up an astounding 60 entries on her MySpace blog.

It was a mind-boggling feat in more ways than one. The bizarre string of online missives ranged from her suicidal feelings to the general evil of mankind to the alleged thievery of her housekeeper, Miriam Torres.

Posting photos of designer dresses that Torres had supposedly pilfered from her, Love also stated that Torres ripped off a lot of cash, concluding, "Miriam's a cow, into black magic and she took all she could."

Geez; no wonder Courtney, 44, just can't seem to find good help these days.

Better go a little easier on yourself today, Courts. Keep up that pace for too long, and you're bound to crash pretty hard.



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  • humane
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  • ryan

    I like her sense of style but... *sighs* This was few months ago... I am sure she has done this but during this time I hoped that someone would take her creepy contacts out and her dirty nails in for some nice manicure.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Holy crap,, she looks like HR Pufinstuf on meth!

  • huggcc

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