Cristian de la Fuente: One Armed 'Dancing' Star!

Cristian de la Fuente: One Armed 'Dancing' Star!-photo

During his performance on Dancing with the Stars Monday night, star contestant Cristian de la Fuente's arm cramped up so violently he was barely able to help his dance partner, Cheryl Burke, from the floor.

The sexy Latin singer shook his well-toned, well-tanned booty for the samba, his second dance in front of the judges that evening. It was then that de la Fuente's phantom limb crapped out.

Despite an inability to move his left arm, Cristian tried to finish the dance and did not give up until he and Cheryl slumped anticlimactically to the ground.

TMZ says that the injury will likely warrant surgery and that Cristian's future on the show is unclear.

A spy revealed that the day after de la Fuente came up lame, he checked in to the CBS set with his left arm in a brace, and both he and Burke were reportedly looking "very sad."

The world of celebrity dance is fraught with drama and intrigue: love affairs, bouts of unconsciousness, one-legged flips, and muscle cramps! Check back for more details as they unravel.



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