Dakota Fanning Headed for 'New Moon'?

Dakota Fanning Headed for 'New Moon'?-photo

While the verdict is still out on High School Musical babe Vanessa Hudgens joining the cast of New Moon, another young actress appears to have thrown her hat in the ring to star in the sequel to hit vampire flick Twilight.

E! Online reports that talks are underway for The Secret Life of Bees wonder kid Dakota Fanning to take on the role of Jane in New Moon.

In Stephenie Meyer's book, Italian vampire Jane—a member of the powerful and deadly Volturi coven—is a key, briefly appearing character.

"There were no auditions," said an E! source. "They just offered it to her outright, and now they’re in negotiations. They’ve been going back and forth."

If it ends up being a go, Fanning, 14, would join cast members Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and the recently-confirmed Taylor Lautner.

Shooting for New Moon is scheduled to begin in March, with American Pie and Golden Compass director Chris Weitz at the helm.

Twilight has grossed nearly $185 million at the U.S. box office.



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  • g

    dakota has more talents them pretty much any other actor that will be in this film that will most likely suck

  • seay

    Dumb. all i can say

  • lulu90210

    The movie Twilight is now a cult classic, or is quickly becoming so. One important reason is because of the actors who star in the film. Though not unknown, they are not big name Hollywood stars who have a role in every other movie that hits the screen. Twilight is a refreshing, enchanting and seductive film because of the freshness of cast and the magic that they impart to it. All that is about to change because one person chosen for a role in New Moon is not of the caliber of the rest of the cast. She is going to stand out like a sore thumb and interrupt the atmosphere of NM. Dakota Fanning is okay in the parts she plays. They mostly come and go (there are enough of them!) without a rustle of a breeze. Now, however, rather than concentrating on the studied roles presented so beautifully by the actors of Twilight, all of us will see before us an oh, so familiar face (that not all of us over 20s apprreciate) that will be like the disturbance of the enjoyment of a spellbinding sunset by someone's car loudly backfiring. It's a Hollywood safe name. Not good. Not for this series of movies. We're talking about a work of art: Meyer's powerful saga and Hardwicke's brilliant seductive handiwork. Why make it generic Hollywood? Jodelle Ferland, or a number of other exceptional, not-big-name actors would do Meyer's stories more justice. I have seen way over 20 viewings of Twilight at the theater with friends and family members. I am pretty sure, however, that I'm going to skip New Moon. The magic is fast disappearing.

  • peachess

    wow dakota grew up fassst same age as me? :o shes gorgeous too

  • letterstotwilight

    wow... what a perfect way to turn twilight into even MORE of a teeny-bopper movie. I love dakota, think she's adorable and a great actress- but twilight does not need a big name teen. when is summit gonna WAKE UP and realize that twilight doesn't have to be a young teen movie? the books are good enough that there are MILLIONS of people outside of the 'typical demographic' in love with the stories. Plus.. we have MONEY... cater to us!! letterstotwilight.com