The Dark Knight Lines Up Foes for Next Flick

The Dark Knight Lines Up Foes for Next Flick-photo

Holy rush to capitalize, Batman!

With The Dark Knight Returns raking in mad box-office receipts, producers may already be casting about for the next installment's stars, MTV UK reports.

Among those who may be in the next flick: Johnny Depp taking over the Riddler role from Jim Carrey; Angelina Jolie as Catwoman; and Philip Seymour Hoffman assuming the part of the Penguin, portrayed by Danny De Vito in Batman Returns.

If Jolie's Catwoman costume is anything like previous incarnations, this could be very good news indeed. 

And if producers are smart, they'll look further ahead and cast for such classic Batman villains as the Smarm-Master, Philander-Man and Ma Scowly.

All this is assuming, of course, that production isn't delayed as Dark Knight star Christian Bale deals with his current Sister-Smasher persona.



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