Demi Lovato Will Spend the Holidays in Rehab

Demi Lovato Will Spend the Holidays in Rehab-photo
Happy holidays? Not for Demi Lovato.

Hollywood Life reports that the 18-year-old Disney sensation will remain in her undisclosed rehab facility over the holidays—Christmas and New Year's—despite her hope that she would be out for the Yuletide.

Lovato has been in rehab for "personal and physical issues" since November 1, after she abruptly dropped off of the Camp Rock 2 tour following an alleged physical altercation with backup dancer Alex "Shorty" Welch.

The Sonny With a Chance star was reportedly visited by family members at her rehab facility over Thanksgiving.



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  • Sempurna

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  • Frank Vasquez
    Frank Vasquez

    Treatment Center not rehab retards!

  • dsf

    She's starting 2011 in a treatment clinic with people she barely knows.. poor demi.

  • Done right
    Done right

    I suspect she has a Cluster B personality disorder, so she needs a specific type of therapy once she can bring a lot of stuff to the surface. I can't say for sure though. But glad where she is is unpublished. Lohan also probably has personality disorder but she's overexposed and thought to be an addict, but I think she also needs specific type of psychiatric therapy. Good luck, Demi.

  • Cameron Riley
    Cameron Riley

    Well people recovery at there own stages someone can get the flu and it takes them 2 weeks to recover but someone else can also be just as sick as that person and it only takes them 3 days. All that matters is that she gets better and ignores all the hate from haters and the rumors from the paprazzi. Poor Demi!!! Hope you recover soon Demi!!

  • rsac3

    damn!!!! that sick she is????

  • Demi Fan
    Demi Fan

    poor demi!

  • Lizzie

    I don't understand why she's staying so long in rehab. Her problems don't sound that bad? I guess we will never know what actually happened with all the rumors out there.

  • casmte

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