Demi's Friends Stand By Her Following Breakdown

Demi's Friends Stand By Her Following Breakdown-photo

Demi Lovato's closest friends are coming forward to publicly announce their support for the teen star following her South American breakdown.

Dem's good friend Travis Clark, the frontman for We The Kings, tells J-14 magazine that the public shouldn't believe the rumors about Demi.

"I speak with her frequently, so I knew [many of the rumors out there] were lies," Travis told the magazine, "It's a classic, 'Don't believe everything you hear' story. Unfortunately there are a lot of rumors and a lot of lies out there."

Travis also says that Demi's personal problems aren't as big as everyone is making them: "I know it's not a severe issue. It's been blown out of proportion and that can really wear on anybody."

Watch Demi singing with We The Kings in their "We'll Be a Dream" music video.

Meanwhile, Matthew Diamond, Demi's Camp Rock director, tells HollywoodLife that he "certainly wishes [Demi] well" through her treatment process.

Public reaction to Demi's treatment has been overwhelming positive. Most fans have opened up about how the admire the young star's decision to seek help for her personal issues and find a way to work through her breakdown.

Demi checked into a treatment facility over the Halloween weekend after she allegedly got into a fight with a back-up dancer. The Sonny with a Chance star had reportedly battled with eating disorders and self-harm in the past.

Since the breakdown, Demi has deleted her Twitter account and quit her tour with the Jonas Brothers. Many fans blamed Ashley Greene's presence on the tour as the reason behind Demi's breakdown but Ashley's rep denies reports of any problems between the two stars.

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  • Afrina Hannani
    Afrina Hannani

    i think. all she need right now is a friends. selena gomez. :) selena she need you soo much right now!

  • beth

    one theory that's perhaps close to the truth is that demi has probably had enough of seeing ashley greene everywhere considering greene has become a staple to the jobros whereabouts. i mean if you put yourself in a situation where you have to constantly work with an ex plus seeing said ex flaunt his new relationship, you too would combust. it doesn't help that the break-up was pretty one-sided and joe didn't even have the balls to break up with her personally. he used his dad to terminate the relationship under the guise of choosing his career. then all of a sudden, you see the j3rk everywhere with a new girlfriend? i mean come on now. the least you can do is be honest and be decent enough to give the girl some time to let it sink in. both joe and ashley certainly are lacking that sensitivity component as a human being. as for the rest of the things coming up or dug up against demi, they are all just hullabaloos fabricated by disney, jobro people to protect their respective managements or to maintain certain clauses they all have to abide by. showbiz is just as dirty as politics. God bless demi. what she's going through is NOT easy.

  • Arett Aga
    Arett Aga

    She is a teenage girl you know and she is not innocent. Let her screw up, it's part of life.