Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen Needle Each Other

Charlie Sheen is vehemently opposed to having his children receive vaccinations, which he believes are poison.

To protect his daughters with ex-wife Denise Richards from the tyranny of modern medicine, the Two and a Half Men star has had his lawyers contact Denise's pediatrician.

A sternly worded letter to Dr. Peter S. Waldstein serves as "written notice that Mr. Sheen does not consent to providing any treatment to Sam and Lola Sheen," warning the good doc that any continued visits will result in Charlie taking "appropriate legal action."

Ha! That's funny—using the word appropriate when discussing anything having to do with these two.

And the battle rages on...



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  • gmomtyler

    i thought by law you are required to vaccinate you children!

  • drama4mama

    Their children are important to them. THis is an important issue, vaccinations are very contradictory in this day and age

  • notobsessed

    seriously ... they are so redic. these 2 need to go far, far away. stat!

  • ballier88

    why are we even reporting this crap anymore

  • katie999

    I wouldn't vaccinate my children either... it could cause autism!

  • dancingqueen

    they used to be so happy together. the fact that they were once in love tells me they could've stayed and worked things out. its sad how people just give up on marriages!

  • mynameisearl

    oh god this is never going to end...