Did Kate Hudson Get Breast Implants?

Did Kate Hudson Get Breast Implants?-photo

Kate Hudson is known for having one of the smaller chests in Hollywood, but could her days as a flat-chested gal now be over?

An "insider" claims that Kate got very small implants in late March. Looking over some of her recent bikini pictures, we do notice a slight size increase, but her bigger bust could be due to weight gain, not implants.

The "insider" says that although Kate often says that she is proud of her smaller breasts, it is one of her biggest insecurities. That doesn't seem surprising since she lives in Hollywood, the mecca of fake breasts, but getting implants to go from an AA to an A seems a little too extreme.

Do you think Kate got implants? Let us know what you think in the comments below.



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  • JenL

    I think it's a nice little change in weight. You can see it in her shoulders-prominent bone in the 1st picture is much smoother in the second. In 'Almost Famous' she was more this shape. My mother was naturally tiny( size 1 or 0) even into her late 40s and when she put on a few pounds shirts were suddenly filled out better. Kate looks great, as always.

  • adele

    Perhaps she is pregnant or even on the pill would cause swelling, or maybe she just gained a little weight. Either way - I think the new group of celebs with tiny/non existent breasts ( Kate Htudson, Felicity Huffman) who don't get implants is quite refreshing and when Kate wears a gown like the yellow one in the movie "...10 days" - someone with any larger boobs would have looked like a hooker. So yeah for them but I doubt she went under the knife.

  • JoLo

    Absolutely. It looks more like a 'B' --which for her size and stature would be an average size for human beings without fake breasts. If she had had a child recently, then I would say maybe they were natural.