Dina Lohan Gets Kudos for, Well, Nothing

Dina Lohan Gets Kudos for, Well, Nothing-photo

She took the eager, freckle-faced, talented child actress we used to lovingly envy as Lindsay Lohan and turned her into a synonym for wayward youth, gingerly steering her down a path of alcohol, drugs, car crashes, failed rehab and BFFs gone bad.

Now, Dina Lohan is being feted as one of Long Island's Top 20 Moms for raising a superstar child. Kinda makes you want to move to the 118-mile strip, doesn't it?

Mingling Moms, a network of maternal units that sees itself as the place to "share tips and concerns and tell anecdotes of your parenting experiences," will present Dina's statue at a May 13 luncheon.

Other honorees include the moms of Billy Joel, Howard Stern, Mariah Carey, Kevin Connolly and Natalie Portman, and newly spawned Jennifer Lopez herself nabbed the coveted Celebrity Mom of the Year award.

But with Mama Lo poised to repeat her "success" by sending offspring Ali Lohan down the Long Island Expressway to celebrity Hades with a new E! reality show, Dina is uniquely entitled to spout life lessons to the Mingling Moms.

Oh, the yarns she will spin.

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