Dina Lohan Says Lindsay's 'Happy, Relaxed' in Rehab

Dina Lohan Says Lindsay's 'Happy, Relaxed' in Rehab-photo

After spending two weeks at the Betty Ford rehab facility where her daughter Lindsay Lohan is currently receiving treatment, Dina Lohan is speaking out to Matt Lauer on Today about how the troubled actress is dealing with rehab this time around.

Dina says that for perhaps the first time, Lindsay is finally receiving treatment that works at the Betty Ford Clinic, which she calls "an amazing place." She goes on to explain that Lindsay is now "a different person" because of the work they're doing there.

She's been in a couple of facilities, but this one has really changed her. They get into your psyche ... and bring the problem to the surface.

Having denied that Lindsay was an addict and contesting Lauer's rehab tally the last time around in a fiesty showdown with Lauer, Dina now admits that now both she and Lindsay are fully aware that the Mean Girls starlet is indeed an addict. "This teaches you that you are," Lohan says of Betty Ford."

Explaining her denial during her last Today interview, Lohan said: "When I first came here, initially that [being an addict] was for Lindsay to admit. As a mother, it wasn't for me to come tell the world about her problem. That was for her to do. I wasn't in denial by far ... for me as a mother, I protect ... You protect as a parent."

Continuing, Dina adds that once Lindsay is recovered, "she wants to start her own facilities to help children."



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  • terri

    She will always be a drug addicted carpet muncher.

  • mannequin

    If Dina would shut up and go away, Lindsay would be viewed much more favorably. Dina really is doing her daughter no service by being her "advocate".

  • Lisa

    They Need To Bring Lindsay To My House , I Was Just Like her maybe 7 years ago... Partied Like There was no tomorrow...Drank not to get a buzz but to pass out..Wow I thought I had it made..Every Guy Wanted me it was the life I thought...Till Oneday I started getting sick ...And The Sickness didn't stop it went so far that I'm Bed Redden Now For over 4 years...A Chronic Disease Called Lyme Took My Life away..My Business, My Credit, My Friends & Family And My Dream Job RN ...Had 8 months to become a nurse and lost it all with a snap of a finger...If I just knew then what was going to happen to my life..I thought it couldnt get any worst and my 15 year old son was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme also..This Disease is a very slow death..It attacks every organ in your whole body...and yes from one small tick bite... No rehab will teach her nothing!!! She needs a wake up call ! Like My Life Watching A Beautiful Girl Who Had It All Lose everything in a snap of a finger...The Lord saved me from that life..I have learned so much since getting this horrific Disease ...Just wish I had learned it earlier in life..Now Everyday I wake up I don't thank God I made it home safe from a wild night on the town ! I Thank God He Gave Me One More Day On This Earth to Live even though its 24 hour torture and pain non stop..This is the wake up call Lindsay Lohan Needs Not A Rehab...How many times has she been in one... Correct You Bring her to me I will show her how Beauty, Bars, drugs don't mean nothing if your laying in your bed fighting for your life everyday...Lyme Disease can happen to anyone..I know many Stars that have gotten this Disease!

  • ALEX