Dina Lohan's Fiesty 'Today' Interview (VIDEO)

Dina Lohan's Fiesty 'Today' Interview (VIDEO)-photo

Lindsay Lohan is doing "wonderfully" in court-ordered rehab and will probably get out before her 90 days is up, according to her mom, Dina Lohan, who sassed Matt Lauer on the Today show this morning.

"She's great," Dina said of her famous daughter. "She's been through a lot…  Lindsay's rolled with the punches and she's doing wonderfully."

Dina spent much of the interview slamming Judge Marsha Revel, who recently recused herself from the Lohan case.

"The judge played hardball," she told Lauer. "Lindsay was in with alleged murderers and she's become friends with a lot of them. The judge went overboard and put her in serious lockdown for two weeks."

See Dina Lohan's Today show interview here:

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Dina denied LiLo received special treatment in jail and also revealed that she will get out of rehab before her court-ordered 90 days is up, saying her daughter will be released "soon" and plans to leave Hollywood for New York.

Lindsay, who her mom said has "grown up considerably," will soon be speaking for herself, according to Dina. "She will do an interview," she said. "She's brilliant and she will tell other children to try to help them."

Do you think jail and rehab have helped Lindsay Lohan? Weigh in via the comments.

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  • Jeremy

    Well she is still promoting cant be tamed. Afterwards she is going to stop doing music for a litlte bit.But shes doing that to continue her acting career. She can do what she wants but its not like she is leaving music behind forever.

  • Tammy Litz
    Tammy Litz

    I agree, the mom is a BIG part of her problem. I feel bad for the little sister. I wonder what roll the father had in all of it. All I have heard about him is that he isnt in the kids lives and lindsay and her mom pretty much hate him.

  • Fast Loser
    Fast Loser


  • Ann

    Wow... I wonder if Matt feels like he's had a lobotomy after talking to that woman? That was painful watching her side-stepping her way around his questions. And I don't quite understand her math... if Lindsay is 24 now, how was she 19 in 2007, as she kept reiterating; over and over? Take some responsibility, Dina. Don't pass the problems off on someone else. I understand that this is your daughter and you want to protect her... SO PROTECT HER and guide her. I realize now maybe she isn't the best one to guide her. Especially after today. Hope her other childern are wise enough to learn this on their own or through a source of positive guidance.

  • hbgal

    I agree with Laurel on Today Show interview. Dina is probably the biggest part of Lindsay's problem. She was so defensive and kept repeating herself trying to put the blame on everybody else. Sorry Dina not impressed .

  • Laurel

    No wonder Lindsay has problems after watching her mom in action on the Today show. Lindsay acts just like her Mom. I think Matt controlled himself well on the Today Show. She was rude, angry and rude.