Dior Fashion Show: That's Haute

Dior Fashion Show: That's Haute-photo

Janet Jackson takes her fashion seriously. Ms. Jackson and her man Jermaine Dupri hit up the Dior show in Paris for Fashion Week, rubbing elbows with the newly single Liv Tyler.

When asking for relationship advice, you know Janet told Tyler, "Look, I don't think you should have told anyone you were married in the first place. I can't help you. Buy my album."

Liv looked stunning, continuing to glam up her post-split image, but if she's not careful in those complicated heels she's wearing, she'll end up in foot detox with her dad. It looks like Rachel Zoe's camped out on the other side of Liv. Oh Lord, the last thing Tyler needs is an eating disorder. Shoo!

Oh good, looks like Rachel was chatting with Kylie Minogue's ex, Olivier Martinez, who is rumored to be reconciled with the Australian pop star. Turns out he just couldn't get her outta his head.

And holy cow, Nicole Kidman's tiny baby bump disappeared. Oh wait, that's just Claudia Schiffer plain and tall. Maybe she should have borrowed some color from Eva Mendes and her brightly-colored ensemble to cheer up that outfit.



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  • Doctor Riddle Maker
    Doctor Riddle Maker

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  • noah

    liv tyler is rad. i'd marry her in a heart beat. her or winona or drew circa 1995 read: circa before they got fat.

  • tigertaint

    liv tyler is rad. i'd marry her in a heart beat. her or winona or drew circa 1995

  • buzzbuddy

    Liv Tyler looks great!

  • missamericandream

    I wanna go to a fashion show! They look so fun

  • xoxojaniepie

    WHAT is eva wearing