DJ AM Sneaker Line Put on Hold

DJ AM Sneaker Line Put on Hold-photo

DJ AM won't be getting his kicks from Nike anytime soon.

TMZ reports that the sporting-apparel company has put off plans to issue a limited-edition line of Nike Dunks designed by the DJ, who was found dead in his New York apartment last Friday of a suspected drug overdose.

Apparently, DJ AM—real name Adam Goldstein—had been working with the company for months on the line, which were to be emblazoned with his logo. Goldstein was a well-known sneaker fanatic who owned approximately 700 pairs of Nikes.

Let us know in the comments section: Is this a smart move, or would a line of DJ AM signature Nikes be a fitting tribute? Would you buy a pair of DJ AM Nike Dunks?



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  • fliptrash

    I'd buy em. I love Nikes and I love DJ AM. RIP!!

  • nicole

    nike is a symbol of captialism and explotation. i wouldnt buy a pair but not because of the djam but because of nike itself. i i also think that if you owe 700 pairs of shoes nike you are just a bit very much stupid. salute!!!e

  • amber

    i def would buy a pair ♥