Double Trouble for 'Housewives' Husbands

Double Trouble for 'Housewives' Husbands-photo

Joe Giudice, husband of Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice, reported to jail on Monday morning to serve a short prison sentence while another 'Housewives' hubby also found himself in trouble.

Joe–who recently filed for bankruptcy with Teresa after the pair amassed an $11 million debt–will serve a ten day jail sentence after he was convicted of driving with a suspended license. The suspended license charge stems from Joe's DUI arrest earlier this year.

Joe quietly reported for jail duty at the Morris County jail in New Jersey.

Teresa has remained quiet about Joe's jail time and has refrained from mentioning the situation on her Twitter.

Teresa recently blew up at co-star Danielle Staub at a recent Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion episode when Danielle mentioned Teresa's unnamed nephew. Watch Teresa scream at Danielle below.

The blow-up caused many to speculate that the "nephew" in question was Joe's love child, which Teresa flatly denies.

Teresa isn't the only Housewife whose husband is having legal troubles. Simon Barney, the estranged husband of Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney, was arrested on charges of domestic violence on Monday night. Simon reportedly threw a leash at Tamra during an argument.

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  • Benny Boner
    Benny Boner

    Even unattractive men get tired of skanky hoes like teresea,. I love Danielle, no matter what is in her past, we all have skeletons, and for those bitches to be so unclassy to her just shows their own mentality...They need to look in the mirror. so i am signing off with Good Luck Danielle, i saw you on maury today an think your a strong tough lady

  • mimi

    theresa you are a nasty skank. white trash with money.

  • mimi

    teresa of new jersey fame is garbage. she appears to be an underprivileged "patterson" new jersey skank. then she marries a very unattractive joe with money and possible mob connections she and her "family" housewives deserve whats coming to them. they are all foul mouthed scheming manipulative skanks. poor danielle. she never had a chance.