'Dragon Tattoo' Director Slams American Remake

'Dragon Tattoo' Director Slams American Remake-photo

Forget the intrigue and espionage of the plot; the real drama in the upcoming remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo remake appears to be occurring behind the scenes.

Niels Arden Oplev, director of the Swedish Millennium Trilogy, recently opened up to Word and Film about the English-language adaptation of the films—which will star Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig—and he's none too happy about the possibility that Mara's portrayal of hacker Lisbeth Salander might eclipse that of Noomi Rapace, who played the part in the original trilogy.

According to Oplev,

"The only thing that’s annoying to me is that the Sony PR machine is trying to make their Lisbeth Salander the lead Lisbeth Salander. That’s highly unfair because Noomi has captured this part and it should always be all her. That’s her legacy in a way I can’t see anyone competing with. I hope she gets nominated for an Oscar. I know a lot of Academy members have seen the film and liked it because every time I go to LA I meet so many people who have seen my version of it. Even in Hollywood there seems to be a kind of anger about the remake, like, ‘Why would they remake something when they can just go see the original?’ Everybody who loves film will go see the original one. It’s like, what do you want to see, the French version of La Femme Nikita or the American one? You can hope that [director David] Fincher does a better job."

Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Do you agree with Oplev, or do you think Rooney Mara will bring her own, equally enthralling spin to the Lisbeth Salander role? Let us know in the comments section—after checking out the U.S. trailer for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo below.



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  • Nina Ulfah N Gaffar
    Nina Ulfah N Gaffar

    Noomi Rapace did an amazing job as Lisbeth Salander but I have to agree with FK, the book portrayal was more of a childlike, anorexic woman and Noomi looks more like a tough bad-ass woman. I dont know about Rooney Mara, I had Carey Mulligan in my mind when i think of Salander. Daniel Craig would be perfect as Blomkvist, as also Robin Wright to play Berger. I hope the Hollywood version will stay true to the book.

  • Barbara

    I am looking forward to the remake. Call me snobbish or ignorant all you want, but the bottom line is that the lead actors in the original Swedish film version were not as depicted in the book, mainly, they were not very attractive and there was no chemistry between them.

  • magdelena

    Noomi Rapace IS and always will be THE Lisbeth Salander. Why jump all over something thats barely a year old? Because all hollywood care about is money, so creatively retarded that they have to steal somebody else's original work. Like the director said I hope Noomi gets an oscar!

  • Angela María Acevedo Ramírez
    Angela María Acevedo Ramírez

    Noomi has made an incredible job, she was amazing as Lisbeth and thats why I think she is unbeatable ..... Rooney might be a good actress but I don't think she can be better than Noomi. No, no way....

  • nonminti

    I'm sorry,but is wrong with the ORIGINAL??? I am not American, but I do understand English language and I also can use reading subtitles when it comes to the movie,so why can't you? Noomi Rapace did the best thing,she is Swedish just like Lisbeth, she was incredible.I really doubt about the re-make... and not even five years passed,giving no chance to the original? :(

  • well

    The original swedish film version was amazing and Noomi Rapace was bad*ss!

  • FK

    Although Noomi Rapace was fantastic, in several important ways she was actually quite different from the way the character was described in the book. The book emphasizes Lisbeth's waifish, vulnerable, and youthful appearance. Noomi looks like a tough woman who can handle herself. Her acting makes it worth it, but I'm looking forward to seeing the character embodied by an actress who more closely fits the book's description ... as long as she can act well! I have my fingers crossed. I've enjoyed the Swedish films, but I'm looking forward to Fincher's take. I think there are some great elements in the books that the Swedish films streamlined out.