Elle Macpherson Is One Hot Mama

Elle Macpherson Is One Hot Mama-photo

Elle Macpherson looked like a true supermodel mom while picking up her five-year-old son Aurelius Cy Andrea Busson in London on Tuesday.

The 44-year-old Australian babe was a vision of classic hotness, unlike certain American 44-year-olds.

Other moms could take a page from Elle's style notebook. Even supermodel mommies. Thankfully, Elle isn't the only parent who knows how to smile in public with her kiddies.

Hear that, Jessica Alba?



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  • Andrew Draper
    Andrew Draper

    Elle Macpherson is a witch for using rhino horn and a waste of our precious air. Damn you to hell Elle for killing beautiful animals for your sick vanity.

  • noah

    who cares about Elle's outfit ... her kid needs a haircut and is going to get his ass kicked if he doesn't stop dressing like Harry Potter.

  • shoefly

    more importantly, there's enough branding of that school going on isn't there? hats, jackets, bags! a veritable empire. better get on that one Elle! biz opp if ever I saw one.