Ellen DeGeneres To Replace Paula Abdul on 'American Idol'

Ellen DeGeneres To Replace Paula Abdul on 'American Idol'-photo

American Idol has found a successor to the judging throne abandond by Paula Abdul earlier this year, and it's Ellen DeGeneres. Yeah, for real.

Read on for details, and let us know in the comments section: Do you think this is a wise move?



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  • jeffvond

    I assume they can pay Ellen more than $2 million. Why couldn't they do this for Paula?? I guess Paula's loyalty meant nothing to the producers of "Idol"...

  • evita1500

    Oh no Ellen, why? I hope it's not true!

  • obsessed

    omg is this a joke! lol i love ellen, shell make the show so much funnier

  • Laura in MA
    Laura in MA

    uh, huh?

  • Chiara Triska
    Chiara Triska