Emma Stone's Blonde Hair: Yay or Nay? (PHOTOS)

Emma Stone debuted a new blonde 'do on Sunday at the Trevor LIVE charity gala in Hollywood, California.

The Easy A starlet recently bleached her flame-colored locks for her upcoming role as Gwen Stacy, the blonde love interest to Spider-Man in the new superhero reboot starring Andrew Garfield.

What do you think of Emma's blonde hair? Check out more photos and share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • lala

    i am one of the few who LOVE her blonde hair. it fits her soo well. she looks perfect for gwen stacy...except i'm not so sure if her voice fits the role. ahahaha.

  • irexmelter

    yes i like her blond heir. http://southbeachjava.blogspot.com/2010/12/south-beach-java.html

  • helmi

    Kapan main bokep lagi???

  • misterq

    I like both hairdos, redhead and blonde, no matter which one is hotter.

  • celebrityfan13

    yay !!!!!!!!emma stone is gourous always nor matter wat she does

  • ijessc

    i think she looks really pretty with blonde hair...ahaha

  • ShevsRJW

    She's a natural blonde, so props to her for going back. She may of gotten famous with red hair(the hair itself didn't make her famous), but the blonde hair is so striking!! It really brings out her eyes, and the fringe really frames her face!!

  • lusciousbecky213

    Reddd hairrr

  • lusciousbecky213

    Verrryyyy pretty ....iLikeeee bothhhh......Herr eyesss juzz complete thee Blondieee look!

  • breathefashion

    It's nice that she is going for something different. I honestly think she resembles another blonde I know of. Duffy. :) I like it on her.

  • billyinc1

    You are Looking Fabulous as a Blonde ... Keep the Do.

  • doa

    Yeahh she look alike Lilo lohan

  • Jameson Parker
    Jameson Parker

    How can this be her real hair? She just got it all cut off and now it's down to her shoulders? I think not! This is just a wig!

  • cute

    she looks really cute but she but i prefer the red hair :(

  • maryam

    i thought she wouldnt look good..but shes look amazing just look at those eyes...im so jealous

  • BumbleBee

    I like her better with red hair but she still looks awesome!