Emma Watson Stars In New Boyfriend's Music Video (VIDEO)

Emma Watson Stars In New Boyfriend's Music Video (VIDEO)-photo

Harry Potter beauty Emma Watson has a new love in her life and she's not being shy about it!

The actress met boyfriend George Craig during her Burberry photoshoot last summer and stepped out for the first time with Craig as a couple at this weekend's Glastonbury Music Festival.

Watson is also the star of George's band One Night Only's new music video for "Say You Don't Want It." Cute! Check out the video below:



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  • Aye, Molly
    Aye, Molly

    Not all americans have little minds, thankyou. And stereo typing us like that attests to the size of yours. It was a bit reminiscent of the eighties, I agree.

  • Lexxie

    They are the dogs. Remember he was chased out of the store for no reason. At the end, they are looking into a mirror...not just a window. My daughter and I are Americans, and we understood the video just fine.

  • Aria

    she is so pretty! and i don't get the end with the dogs? can someone please explain(: thanks. haha.

  • vjdhcvjmn

    come on! the end was genious! that's why we don't like you americans, you have such a little mind

  • ANON

    uh obv it meant they were the dogs running around the city all day. emma was the 'rich' dog that her owner picked up in the limo and george was the dog with the scarf around its neck that got left behind.

  • neveragain

    I wonder if that's real fur.

  • doudou

    Great Song.But Wtf with the end ? Who understood?

  • huh

    Lady and the Tramp - video for song

  • liz24

    what's with the dogs in the end?

  • annabannana56

    Great video!!! Love her!!!

  • Gabby

    Love the song! Love the Video! ADORE Emma!! She's gorgeous. Her new BF, is a HOTTIE!!! I hope this hurries up and gets on itunes. This song has been stuck in my head since the video debut on Sunday.

  • Sidney

    Whatever, I thought this song was awesome, although a little bit repetitive. I can't find it anywhere though.

  • Jerasphere

    *ring ring* hello, One Night Stand 1984 is on the line and they want their music back.

  • bigsu

    really really really cute. But the end is a little bit sad.