Ex-Bodyguard Says Angelina Jolie Is Kind Of A Monster

Ex-Bodyguard Says Angelina Jolie Is Kind Of A Monster-photo

A former bodyguard for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has given an exclusive interview to InTouch magazine, claiming that Saint Angelina is not what she seems.

The bodyguard, who only wants to be identified as "Bill" claims that Angelina has a "public" and "private" persona and that we, the public, have no idea what Angelina is like behind closed doors. She is basically a mix of Mommie Dearest, shrew and villainess.

From the InTouch interview:

'In my opinion, the real Angelina is self-centered and a control freak. She has no patience at all. She doesn’t do things out of the kindness of her heart. And she’s totally psycho.' While Brad is laid-back and patient with his kids’ often wild behavior, Angelina is anything but. 'She screams and yells a lot, then walks away,' Bill says, explaining that Angelina would often 'disappear into her suite for hours,' leaving staffers — and Brad — to deal with her children. 'She would punish them with silence,' says Bill, adding, 'I think she could be abusive at times in a mental way.' If the children were to get upset by her withholding behavior, he says, Angelina didn’t seem to care. 'She is not moved by tears,' he explains. Still more disturbing, he recalls, Angelina has a 'quirky habit' of 'giggling when one of her kids would start crying.'

Bill also claims that Brad and Angelina's relationship has cooled considerably and that Brad sleeps in a separate bedroom.

(That sound you hear off in the distance is Jennifer Aniston laughing and jumping up and down with joy.)



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  • change

    Bill do you know who you are? I do not think you are a human being. You are a bitch. She do not need you. You have to accept it. You are a bitc .Angi is a great human being.

  • Sel

    LMAO off that people actually believe this crap.

  • karen

    oh god. this sounds so untrue that its hilarious.

  • hah

    knew it because angelina acts in the same way as a psycho woman i know, all nice and incredibly helpful and seemingly giving of her time and effort, but it is all a very manipulative game, that she enjoys immensly, the few who know the true nature of these kinds of psycho people are either AFRAID of them or completely cut them out of our lives because people like her can never ever be trusted, they lie for sport, even about tiny things, nonstop, these psychos think they control people, but the real rejection comes from the people they think they reject, like her dad gave up on her, and she made it seem like she rejected him, not so, she's a psycho

  • Reni

    You are judging people that you don't know. www.stereogirly.com

  • karen

    oh come on, stop the ranting, she's still hot and still has nothing to do with your lives She has a lot to do with our lives, the sight of her is nauseating

  • sinitta

    She is a manipulative, wicked b!tch, Karma is waiting to hit back

  • ano

    oh come on, stop the ranting, she's still hot and still has nothing to do with your lives

  • Ridingfinest

    She looks like she is crazy its all in her face. The eyes are the window to ones soul and her are empty.

  • jen

    ha! the truth comes out! I always knew she is physcho. Call child service!

  • haruharu

    That is why i want Jennifer Aniston more the Angelina. But then again, I am not Brad Pitt(y).


    I would hope this isn't true. I wouldn't want this to be true for anyones family. of course this is true. she's a deceiving bitch. whattaya mean u hope this isnt true? she ruined a marriage. she only takes orphans in to pretend to the world that she cares. she's the type of women that is manipulative and looks like a psychological liar. Im sure she says one thing to the public and then another behind closed doors. she looks evil and seems evil. those kids are only around for publicity. ppl never say she's a bad mom but those kids play with guns, fight in public, hit eachother, knock eachother's tooth out(ex:shiloh's front tooth)and eat sweets all day long. dont forget they travel so much im sure her oldest son Maddox doesnt know his ABC's. IT'S ALL ABOUT HER AMERICA. WHEN WILL U SEE THAT ANGELINA IS A DECEIVING BITCH. THE ONES WE WATCH ON LIFETIME FOR WOMEN WHO ARE PSYCHO.

  • Toni

    I would hope this isn't true. I wouldn't want this to be true for anyones family.

  • Yea I said it!!
    Yea I said it!!

    I knew that BiTch was crazy, u could see it in her eyez....smh Someone needs to call Child Services Right Now!!!