Exclusive: Celebrity Religion 'Shiantology' Sweeping The Nation

Exclusive: Celebrity Religion 'Shiantology' Sweeping The Nation-photo

Forget about Scientology, people. There's a new religion in town and you better get used to it.

Shiantology is a fictional religion in which Transformers 2 star Shia LaBeouf is worshipped by thousands of fans, fittingly called "Shiantologists." Started in February 2009, the site has gained a huge following on Twitter (over 16,000 followers).

The amusing Web site, Shiantology.com, features daily walking posts of the 23-year-old actor, tons of videos, as well as absolutely hysterical Photoshopped images of Shia in various religious settings.

We caught up with the founders of the site, Jen LaBeouf and Betsy LaBeouf, in an exclusive interview, and let's just say we may need to convert ourselves.

"We were enjoying one of Shia's favorite beverages, Arizona Iced Tea, and talking about our favorite actor when the name hit us. It all went downhill from there," the girls reveal.

"One of the goals of the religion is also to make LaBeouf the most common last name, hence we require all followers to change their name to 'First name + LaBeouf.'"

We've included some of their funniest creations in our new gallery. You have to see these pictures to believe it.

Let us know in the comments: If you had to create a religion based around one celebrity, who would it be?



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  • shiantology is nuts
    shiantology is nuts

    these girls are CRAZY!!! they need some help. i like shia but i dont worshp him or anything. RUN SHIA! RUN!!!! RUN FASt AS U CAN!!! FROM THESE GIRLS.

  • A. LaBeouf
    A. LaBeouf

    yeaah! It was about time tht the world knew us! Im a proud Shiantologist,

  • jhonconner

    they cant see his balls so he paid big bucks so they can put his face and not makee fun uf shia junior

  • orion

    Ha Ha Ha... it's funny.. Defenitely shia and Bale

  • Meh

    this is old news i saw it on shia fansites. i have been a shiantologist for months and this was on splash news first so how is it exclusive?

  • gixxxy

    jajajaja this page its so awesomee and funny!! Definitely shia labeuf or david beckham!!

  • mhc2009

    LOL.... Shia's my boy! Rep Your Hood @ MYHOODCLOTHING

  • marykateolsen

    i saw these girls at the liquor store wearing "Enough LaBeouf" shirts in glendale by Shia's house! The sales clerk said they were liars ashamed of Shia and that they are actually voodoo priestesses in Satan's church!

  • jmarcs

    or perhaps a religion for kim kardashian....bootyism. i could create a shrine with a prosthetic ass perfectly molded to fit hers.

  • jmarcs

    i think i'd create a religion were jonah hill were my subject of worship. he's hilarious, absurd, and has a belly bulge that was created for the sole purpose of being rubbed for good luck...like a buddha. Jews4Jonah.com. buying the domain asap.

  • noah

    If you had to create a religion based around one celebrity, who would it be? Definitely Robert Pattinson. Any religion where you can be a talentless, alcoholic vampire would be great for society.