EXCLUSIVE: Megan Fox and Zac Efron's Dinner Date

EXCLUSIVE: Megan Fox and Zac Efron's Dinner Date-photo

Did Megan Fox just go on her ultimate dream date?

The 23-year-old stunner shared an intimate dinner with Zac Efron on Tuesday night at Pace, an upscale restaurant in Los Angeles' woodsy Laurel Canyon neighborhood, Celebuzz can exclusively report.

A fellow diner revealed, "They were very friendly and their faces were close when they talked."

It's no secret that the Transformers 2 actress has had a thing for the 21-year-old High School Musical heartthrob for quite some time. As we reported back in January, the two flirted at the Golden Globe Awards, raising eyebrows at an after-party.

Megan has even said, "What you don't know is that Zac and I are the same person. It's like Janet and Michael [Jackson], we are the same person."

Was this just a dinner between two mega-hot friends? Or something more complicated?

It could be much trickier for him than for her.

Megan, for one, insists that she's absolutely unattached, while rumors continue to swirl that the undeniably sexy actress is dating co-star Shia LaBeouf or possibly still together with ex-fiance Brian Austin Green.

Zac, on the other hand, is pretty serious with long-time girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens.

So what exactly is going on here? Share your thoughts in the comments section!



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  • Alfonzo Barnwell
    Alfonzo Barnwell

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  • bella

    zack shouldnt waste his time with her she,s a nasty celeb that thinks shes all that when she has it all wrong she,s knowbody 2 me barely a celeb ................

  • sofi

    ok i megan fox has a bad rep but think about if you were her and you can date shia or austin and of course zac would'nt you do as well i know dam well i would i know for all the high school musical fans if they would be upsat if zac and vanessa split up how ever is also good to date other people

  • michelle

    hindi sila bagay!! mas bgay tlaga sila ni VANESSA HUDGENS! un lng..

  • michelle

    hindi sila bagay!! mas bgay tlaga sila ni VANESSA HUDGENS! un lng..

  • jalynn


  • vintagegal

    I dont think this is accurate. If there arent pictures I think this story is bullsh*t. exactly!! no one REAL proof.

  • JOrniyB

    Well there both Giirls lets face it only ones Hot



  • izzydiva

    hmmm, i say, friends

  • reneelucky7

    This date is just a set up- Megan Fox has been with her man Brian for a long time. It is funny in Hollywood, you can hang out with a person, go out to eat or for drinks and then you have stories of them "being in love". Look at Jennifer Aniston. She had a "date" with Brad, and they were saying how she found "THE ONE." Then he was seen out on a date with Renee Z's ugly ass. It is hard to believe anything anymore

  • ricey

    no way..... megan looks like 30+... i cun believe dat she is jz 23.....

  • xy91

    Pff Megan, elle me déçoit beaucoup, elle est plus avec son mec et deux jours après elle se tape zac le petit ami a nessa . . k'elle boufone cette fille (megan) en plus elle est refaite de partou . . au fon d'elle c une grosse p***

  • candace01

    Why is it that this site posts MOST LIKELY NOT TRUE sightings such as this with Zac and Megan, where there are NO PICTURES to serve as proof - only a "fellow diner" source (yeah right). Yet this site doesn't post a sighting where there ARE pictures to prove their sighting, such as the photos of Zac and Vanessa together on the 4th of July? Did you just conveniently overlook that sighting because it contradicts this more than likely NOT true post of Zac and Megan? Every other blog has posted the sighting of Zac and Vanessa, and yet this one conveniently forgets about it! Hmmmmmmmm......

  • melissa14

    this is impossible really really impossible I hate megan fox she is so spoiled and zac never leave vanessa he love her :)) false news FOREVER ZANESSAA!!

  • nayra

    Good news i found this stupid, but do what? can be true. That i think is that Megan is ugly for zac and he must continue to dating Vanessa, because they make a beautiful couple and in fact he rather likes the Vanessa that may have been only a night of friends!!!!!!

  • marystat

    Didn't she say a while ago that guys under 30 is a waste of time?

  • alogicalperson

    This is funny: http://zacandvanessasupporters.blogspot.com/2009/07/magic-of-zac-efron.html

  • pussycat

    this is completely fake, I'm sure. There is no evidence so you can't believe it. It's so terrible, what rumors I've heard about them...why do people tell untrue stories?! Sure thing is, they have no activities or work....how childish... By the way, Megan is still traveling around the world to promote her movie, isn't she? she even said she digs older men and she and zac, are just good friends, right? you blogger, you should seek for a "real" job ...

  • chiney

    I totally don't believe this. Just stop shoving people into fake relationships together and manufacturing rumors! Zanessa in love forever!

  • jaty

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  • hispanicatthedisco

    I refuse to believe it, since he really was ganging Megan Fox Zac would be screaming it from the mountaintops.

  • jenny24

    zac is why too young for her def. not good toget her

  • awsomekrys

    no way man! megan is way too good/hot/sexy for zac...! I agreee, he looks like a 12 yr old girl. i cant stand him.

  • charoulla

    seriously if he even dares to cheat on V I have no idea what I'm going to do!!

  • brittany9874

    this doesnt even sound true, where are the pictures and i seriously doubt fox would go on a date with efron...eww... yeah she said that zac isnt her type and is too young. look http://omg.yahoo.com/news/megan-fox-on-dating-why-robert-pattinson-is-not-her-type-her-bulked-up-bod/22138

  • brittany9874

    i remeber in a interview megan said she would never date zac efron because hes too pretty and is only in his twenties. heres the article about it http://omg.yahoo.com/news/megan-fox-on-dating-why-robert-pattinson-is-not-her-type-her-bulked-up-bod/22138

  • xxx11chaos23xxx

    i think zac and megan would be wayy better together than zac and vanessa i hate vanessa:

  • honeygirl

    I thought zac was spotted in his hometown on that day. And I remember when megan said in magazines that Rob.P & Zac.E are just little boys to her. She likes her men mature and in their Thirties. This tabloid don't have any news so they make up stuff. Plus, Megan Fox is a total conceited person. We know she is pretty and stuff, but the way she carry herself is like saying "Don't mess with me, cause I am much hotter than you look" Give me a break! I don't like her.

  • purrga

    false! i am quite sure! but tell me what about Megan and her ALWAYS OPEN MOUTH??? does she has some problem with facial muscles and cant keep her mouth shut??? dont get me wrong she is hot, but this mouth makes her look so chip... brr

  • anagarve

    this is fake zac and vanessa are good like couple.

  • hsmzanessafansite

    ok, now this is totally false.. We all know that Vanessa and Megan are really close friends..They posed together at the MTV awards and during the after party for the Globe Awards that Celebuzz claims they were fliring together....Zac and Vanessa kissed each other behind Megan while she was hiding them so they could kiss...so whoever made this story up is a Vanessa hater... plus if this was true, where are the pictures??

  • alogicalperson

    Someone with a Vanessa grudge made this story up, and you guys were stupid enough to go with it. Shame on you. You'll get caught doing fake stories like this. Someone will call in a bogus story and then snitch on you after you print it.

  • lalala

    if its tru zac is a man whore

  • ___

    I agree, Megan is too mature for Zac. He is still getting out of the Disney factor.

  • ThisIsStupid

    give me a break

  • naboo

    Shia is handsome than Zac!

  • Gillian

    No-one can split up Zac and Vanessa, there just perfect for each other like 2 peas in a pod. Everyone knows zac and megan are just friends, god the moment Zac is with another girl everyone jumps to the wrong conclusions.

  • Veru

    Please, people. Zac has a gilfriend, and Megan and him are 'friends' (for say it in a good form). The fact what they had a dinner date, doesn't meant that these two (or well Zac, or well Megan) is seeking for a relationship!

  • foxy

    no way man! megan is way too good/hot/sexy for zac...!

  • Viiktooriaa

    When you think about it sounds reall impossible but this is also Zac and Megan we´re talking about. Almost anything can happen with them.

  • Gwyn

    this doesnt even sound true, where are the pictures and i seriously doubt fox would go on a date with efron...eww...

  • Trampy

    Please. First everyone tried to link her to Rpattz, now Efron. I can't imagine either guy dating her... doing her, perhaps. Long as she stays FAR away from Rob Pattz, who cares?

  • Meh

    Levels to Zac? Wtf, there are no levels to Efron. Stop shoving people into fake relationships together.

  • vanessa

    I dont think this is accurate. If there arent pictures I think this story is bullsh*t.

  • Stan

    Megan Fox is Zac Efron in drag.

  • afiya

    bad pair im a great pair for u zac im ur biggest #1 fan i want to meet u

  • anon

    I dont' know if i'd call Megan mature..maybe in the looks department, but the girl he has is a far better match for him. she understand those levels of Zac that half the world doesn't get.

  • raider814

    this seems...impossible

  • Zegan

    Megan is way too mature for Zac

  • tonny

    zac is a stupid guy... that all i can say...