Is Britney Spears Planning a Secret Las Vegas Wedding?

By: Celebuzz / June 7, 2015

It’s that time of the week again when the celebrity weeklies hit the newsstands. To separate what’s real and rumor, we turned to our friends at Gossip Cop for the 411 on this week’s most controversial stories. More »

Cailtyn Jenner Told Her Kids They Can Still Call Her ‘Dad’

By: Jess Cohen / June 5, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner is still letting her kids call her “Dad” for the time being. More »

Ryan Gosling Keeping Fit Amidst Rumored Pre-Nup Battle

By: Michael Prieve / June 5, 2015

Actor and new dad Ryan Gosling was spotted leaving a gym after a workout in Santa Monica, California yesterday (June 4, 2015). More »

North West’s Second Birthday Party Will Be Better Than Yours

By: Jess Cohen / June 3, 2015

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are going all out for North West’s second birthday. More »

Caitlyn Jenner’s Oldest Daughter Opens Up About Their Changing Relationship

By: Kendall Fisher / June 3, 2015

While it’s surely been a struggle for Caitlyn Jenner’s entire family during this transition period, Casey Marino (Jenner) — Caitlyn’s oldest daughter with first wife Chrystie Scott — is entirely grateful for how it’s changed their relationship. More »

WATCH: Chris Evans Plays the Piano, Duets With His Brother Scott

By: Gabrielle Chung / June 3, 2015

Be still our beating hearts! More »

Kim Kardashian is Ditching the Donuts for Second Pregnancy

By: Michael Prieve / June 3, 2015

Reality star and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian vows that she’s going to be eating healthier during pregnancy number two. More »

Report: Kim Kardashian Pregnant with Twins

By: Jess Cohen / June 2, 2015

Is Kim Kardashian pregnant with twins? New reports claim the 34-year-old reality star and husband Kanye West are expecting twins. More »

Rob Kardashian Didn’t Recognize Caitlyn Jenner on Vanity Fair Cover

By: Michael Prieve / June 2, 2015

According to Kim Kardashian, Rob Kardashian had no idea who Caitlyn Jenner was when Kim sent him a photo from the Vanity Fair cover. More »

Caitlyn Jenner’s Mother Reacts to Her Reveal: ‘I Still Have to Call Him Bruce’

By: Kendall Fisher / June 1, 2015

While Caitlyn Jenner’s children have spoken out about her reveal on the Vanity Fair cover, there is still one very important woman in her life who needed to show her support: Caitlyn’s mother Esther Jenner. More »

Aspiring Singer Kylie Jenner Is Reportedly Working with Kanye West on Her First Single

By: Jess Cohen / June 1, 2015

Kylie Jenner wants to become a singer and Kanye West is going to make it happen. More »

Chad Michael Murray Is a Father Now

By: Peggy Truong / June 1, 2015

In the latest edition of Things That Make Us Feel Old, it brings us joy to report that Chad Michael Murray officially has a mini me. More »

‘KUWTK’ Mid-Season Finale Recap: Khloe Kardashian Reveals Bruce Jenner Is Having ‘Facial Feminization Surgery’

By: Jess Cohen / June 1, 2015

There were so many shocking moments on the Keeping Up with the Kardashians season 10 mid-season finale. More »

WATCH: Kendall Jenner Tells Mom Kris ‘You’re Way Too F**king Needy’ in New ‘KUWTK’ Clip

By: Jess Cohen / May 29, 2015

Kendall Jenner gives mom Kris Jenner a very big reality check on this Sunday’s midseason finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. More »

Did Rob Kardashian Check Into Rehab?

By: Jess Cohen / May 28, 2015

Update at 11 a.m. EST 5/29/15: Rob’s mom Kris Jenner tells Entertainment Tonight that the rehab rumors are “completely fabricated.”


Unconfirmed reports are suggesting that Rob Kardashian has checked into a rehab center in Florida. More »

Beyonce Eats Pizza, Cuddles With Blue Ivy During Her Vacation in Italy

By: Gabrielle Chung / May 28, 2015

What’s a girl to do when she’s in the land of pasta and pizza? Eat, of course. More »

WATCH: Kim Kardashian Reveals She’s ‘Exhausted’ by Fertility Treatments in New ‘KUWTK’ Clip

By: Jess Cohen / May 28, 2015

Kim Kardashian is getting very real about her fertility treatments on this Sunday’s midseason finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. More »

Find Out When Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s New Topshop Clothing Line Launches

By: Jess Cohen / May 28, 2015

Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s Topshop clothing line is launching very soon! Check out the first designs below. More »

This Pic of North West Laughing Is the Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

By: Jess Cohen / May 28, 2015

Kim Kardashian a photo of North West laughing, and it’s the cutest pic you’ll see all day! More »

WATCH: Chris Pratt and Son Jack Say the Pledge of Allegiance Together

By: Jess Cohen / May 28, 2015

Chris Pratt just posted the sweetest video of him and his son Jack saying the Pledge of Allegiance together. … More »

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