Fans Support Justin and Selena's Possible Romance

While Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's romance is uncertain, fans of both teen superstars are abuzz about the possibility of the two celebs hooking up.

Selena, 18, and Justin, 16, set the rumor mill spinning when they were photographed this weekend enjoying a giggly stroll and were later spotted snuggling on Justin's private tour bus. Selena had previously called the "Baby" singer a "dork" and denied that the two were dating but the rumors just never seem to go away.

A small majority (55%) of Celebuzz readers think that there is no romance going on between the two stars and that they are "just toying with us." Surprisingly, of those fans that do believe in the true love between Jelena, a majority support both stars and don't have any unkind words for Selena.

Celebuzz commenter "I_LOVE_JUSTIN_BIEBER_MORE_THAN_U" urged her fellow Bieber fans to support Justin and his romantic interests:

guys if he wants to date her we should support him in it if we were tue beliebers we would b there for him even if he had a girlfriend did u no that justin thinks if he gets a girlfriend his fans wont b there for him any more well Justin if u do get a girlfriend i as a true beileber will b there for u bcause i love u and i would still by ur music on itunes or ur albums because u r really talented and i love u

Meanwhile, commenter "Nikky" voiced her opposition to the tweener May-December romance:

Omg, 1. Selena is 2 yrs older then Justin!!!!!!!! 2. wtf is going in the world these days, Justin needs to find someone his own age!!!!!! 3. we love you Justin! 4. We don't want you near selena!!! :) Love, Nikky!

Commenter "me" doesn't seem to think that there is any romance going on between Baby Biebs and sweet Sel. "Publicity stunt," said the commenter, "No one would get that close to the cameras and pose like that by accident," Conspiracy theory!

Outside of Celebuzz, most fans voiced their support of the Jelena romance and criticized Bieber-obsessed fangirls who had harsh words for Selena.

"Goddaaamn HOW could someone POSSiBLY hate on SELENA GOMEZ?!?!?!?!??!?!," said Twitter user Rawr4Bieber, "She's so AMAZING!!My Role Model! SHAME ON YOU HATERS!! SHAME!!"

Do you think people are responding unfairly to the Jelena romance? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • david  conway
    david conway

    dear celebuzz web site, hi my name is david b conway, and my comments to both off them justin bieber and selena gomez,, and my frist question is that just for the pepole just on this web site just about we have to give them our respects that,s stupit every one knows that they broke the law left and right, i did not say one word that they can not date at all , t that,s not the problem here , it,s about that they lied about dating and to geting married together and that,s is a mistack and lets talk about the death threats on them,,, i know that i am not in selena gomez life , love david conway

  • DearBonnie

    I am jealous. I want to date Justin Bieber. I have always not liked Selena Gomez, but now I like her even less. Why are fans supporting their supposed romance? I thought that fans of Justin's would tweet death threats to Selena, just like they did back in early May when Justin joked that Kim Kardashian was his girlfriend. Kim received death threats from Justin fans and called them unbeliebable. The fact that fans are supportive of this so-called romance just is baffling. Does anyone agree with me that this is unreasonable? If so, please comment about it here. I will be checking back frequently to see if anyone has read this comment and responded to it. Bye! Dear Bonnie, I would like to inform you that you are gay. Thank you for your time.

  • whitney

    justin can date who he wants u ppl that r his fans should be there for him just because u r his fans doent mean to give death messages to the girls he likes that is just wat i am saying so just backk off justin can date who he wants and u fans cant change his mind !!!!!

  • whitney

    i think they should date dont care wat u ppl say justin can date who he wants and no one can him that he can not !!!! =)

  • Veronica Martinez
    Veronica Martinez

    To me I don't care if they go out. They can do whatever they want with their life. If you guys are fan of them you should be happy for them. Instand of hating them all the time. Because they are not doing anything wrong they are just dating. Everyone this days date older girls or young mans. So who care what they do because we do the something too.

  • lucy

    okay so i usually dont do these things but im like readung these horrible things ppl are saying to selena andi think its just so rediculous and sad because she didnt do anything and i understand why yu guys mite be mad but i mean come on nothing yu do is gonna strop justin from liking other girls like really first kim now selena yu guys are just retards because if you were really a great fan to justin,yu would support him with anything including this.i love justin but im not gonna get mad if he gets a girlfriend!ill be happy for really guys get a life and leave selena alone because yu really dont knw the whole story yet!

  • HatinJustinBieber

    [quote=The voice of reason]I HATE this relationship, but for the opposite reason. I don't like my girl Selena DATING THIS LITTLE FAGGOT over here. She's so hot, and to see her with this little sh*tbag is a giant slap in the face to anybody who's Selena's age and have actually had their balls drop(unlike Bieber). This is insulting, and I hate this relationship 1000%. I pretty much never agree with Justin fans, but for once, some of us have a common ground. We both hate this relationship. I hope Selena dumps this little bitch and gets with a real man(like myself). I love Selena so much and seeing her with him just kills me. f*ck this relationship....I hate this relationship just as much as JB fans, only for the opposite reason. Imagine that? MARRY ME SELENA

  • Rain

    I support Justin 100%. If he wants to date Selena, then I wouldn't mind! Why does everyone have to make such a big deal out of this? Clearly Selena and Justin make each other happy. I would love it if they were dating because that would make Justin happy and that's what being a belieber is all about. I don't think anyone should be against them dating because we honestly have no right to tell Justin or Selena who to date. Reply? :)

  • youssouf diarra
    youssouf diarra

    i think that every girl to his fans wants to be with justin

  • Fellas

    Who the f*ck care is their live they cant do want they want ppl maind ur own business

  • babooda

    Typical bunch of teeny remarks now let's get real! They are on tour together for the Jingle Ball Shows. Selena has repeatedly said she considers him like the little brother she never had since she is an only child. Selena is generally respected as a truthful individual,so why is everyone suddenly doubting her because of a few pictures showing them walking together. You people have to be the most gullible bunch of individuals around. They are friends. They are on tour together. do you really expect them to avoid each other and run around the city individually. If you rarely had time to spend with someone you considered a brother/sister and you were traveling together,what would you do? You would spend time with them!

  • sith

    She's 18 and he is underage. Where are all the cradle robbing comments? Selena should be careful before she finds herself in trouble with the law.

  • Vanessa

    Wow REALLY?!? Belieber?!? Whoever calls themselves that, I hope you know that you sound like an idiot. You're acting like you're talking about something important, like loving Justin Beiber is a religion. Idiots....

  • Meisha Ellis
    Meisha Ellis

    I Think Its Cute :D I Really Like Justin He Is A Talented Person & If He Wants To Be With Somebody Then Let It Be Selena Is Really Pretty And The Make A Cute Cuple, A lot Of Girl Are Going To Be Jelous Though But Its Life... And It Dont Matter If She Is 2 Yrs Older Than Him Alot Of Girls Age 16 & 17 Like Taylor Lautner and he's 18 Age dont matter ... So Just Let Them Be :) x

  • Gabriela Niccolai
    Gabriela Niccolai

    someday justin would date someone, I think Selena is a great it's better this way right?

  • Kelly

    That would be so nice for both of them if they are going out. At least she's not using him, unlike some other girls.

  • Charlotte

    Beiber probably payed Selena to date him to make him not look gay. Selena can do better than that. Find someone who is mature Selena! And stop Supporting Justin. He is making seriously amount of money. He makes $300,000 a concert. What are you guy getting in return. Nothing. I hate people who support celebrities and we are making them richer and richer.

  • JJ

    Hey girls and boys the last three days the celebrities news had been hoping every 15 min with something new on the SG and JB dating thing that you teens been complaining about. Try today the 21st to find any brand new info on any of the entertainment or celebrities news sites. There is nothing but old news They have dropped off the face of the earth. The two of them have been PLAYING ALL THE FANS most likely for justin popularity benefit. The both of them are sitting back saying boy O boy fans are real suckers.LOL Or on the other hand they may be laying in each other tired from all the sex they have been having in justin hotel room. Ha Ha

  • Beiber Fan One
    Beiber Fan One

    I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE HATE ON JUSTIN BEIBER.THEY ARE JUST HOMOPHOBES!!! Just because she is the dikey type of lesbian does not take away from Beiber's talent. If the Lilith Fair was still on top, Beiber would be headlining!

  • the Truth
    the Truth

    Selena is the best out there, hot and normal. She hates that little bitchy brat Bieber, this is so set up. This is just to make baby Bieber look better and sell more. I 'm surprised Selena's publicists are doing this to the poor girl.

  • God Jul
    God Jul

    Love them will supprt them for ever

  • bieber

    Love em both and they desver to be happy f*ck of hater

  • SG

    kay honestly people who hate selena gomez because they think she's "dating" justin Beiber are so fk dumb. You're never gonna date or marry this kid. Get over yourselves.

  • Jason Chen
    Jason Chen


  • Doyle Lively
    Doyle Lively

    awkward...cougar hehe..guess all d girls should make a hole,selena coming through...hehe

  • hannah

    Selena is way to old for Justin. They shouldnt go out.

  • chelleasbieliber

    i really like them to be real life sweetheart!!! they are so cute!

  • chachaa fitriani
    chachaa fitriani said that you love your said that BELIEBER was your girlfriend.. why you do this with us?? why justin?? you choose selena?? how about us?? :'( so sad...

  • BieberSupporterJess

    leave it alone guys.. hes aloud to dat and should be aloud without his beliebers leaving his side, getting angry with him... hes 16 of course he is going to date... what 16 yr old doesnt?? like comone whould you be like this if he wasnt famous? but you still knew him?? NOO!! becasue hes going to do it... i will support justin every step of the way.. with or without a girlfriend.... i love selena too (: and i hope she makes him happy WHEN YOU SMILE I SMILE

  • kaychel paule
    kaychel paule

    ..i love them both xoo its fyn w me hu ever they r dating... ..will u all stop saying bad tngs bout selena gomez cause shes amazing... tng more justin is not ugly.. ,,just support them.. will u>>>>>>>.???????? ..if u rily LOVE them ull support them.. that's wat REAL fans do!!!!!!!!!!! ..i love them xoo as long as their happy together .. .. ILL SUPPORT THEM TILL THE END!!!!! ... I HOPE U CAN ALSO DO THAT ... .. EVEN JUST FOR THEM ...

  • LO

    [quote=The voice of Reason]I don't want any of those bitches. I want Selena. Well if you are so manly go to florida and take her, Justin just a little boy. Be a man or you can stay at home and cry in your fruit loops. She is just waiting for you right go get her

  • The voice of Reason
    The voice of Reason

    I don't want any of those bitches. I want Selena.

  • LO

    Man o Man you most certainly have a problem get a life look around you man I can tell most certainly that right their in your city you have girls that are just as lovely as she is and if you would put your passion into them as you do to your fantasy you could have any of them.

  • The Voice of Reason
    The Voice of Reason

    People who cares 1. She use to have her parents with her all the time now they are no where to be seen. 2. She makes more money than anyone reading these articles and really don't care what any of us thinks. 3. She has a room on the same floor as Justin in a secured hotel with no parents, ooops their goes that purity ring. 4. Speaking of Purity Rings since justin has arrived have anyone check her hands lately no purity ring by the way a purity ring includes a vow to god to stay pure untill marriage 5.Going into justin tour bus after dark with no chaperone after she recently stated she hates to be called a good girl hummm??? 6. To round it out and the funnest part having fans that if they caught her having sex with justin butt naked in time square would say leave them alone they are just playing or kidding around they are like brother and sisters. SHUT YOUR f*cking MOUTH! The thought of them having sex just pisses me the off. Not because of the laws or anything like that, and not because there's an obvious double standard since shes 18 an hes 16. Its just I CANT f*cking STAND THE f*cking THOUGHT OF THIS LITTLE FAGGOTY f*ck HAVING SEX WITH MY FUTURE WIFE. They're probably doing it, but if there's ever proof of it, I'm going to rip his f*cking head off. Selena and I are meant to be together and she shouldn't be with this little gay ass f*cking faggot. I hate this relationship so f*cking much. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU...! EPIC RAGE! *smashes keyboard*