Fantasia's Suicide Attempt Captured for Reality Show (VIDEO)

Fantasia's Suicide Attempt Captured for Reality Show (VIDEO)-photo

You have to give Fantasia Barrino credit: Even when in the throes of a complete personal breakdown, she still takes care of business.

The American Idol winner, who attempted suicide in August on the heel of an affair scandal, debuts season two of her reality series, Fantasia for Real, on Sunday, and judging from a promo released on Thursday, she's not shying away from airing her personal laundry.

In the trailer, Barrino is seen debating the scandal (the singer allegedly carried on a year-long affair with a still-married Antwaun Cook, according to allegation from Cook's ex-wife, though Barrino denies it) with family members. The video quickly cuts to the 911 call following Barrino's intentional overdose on aspiring and an unknown sleep aid, and footage of Barrino recuperating in the hospital.

Fantasia is also heard reflecting,

“I have not fulfilled my destiny. It’s not time for me to go anywhere. And I can still fight, still keep going. I’m better now.”

Check out the clip below, and make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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    Let us pray for Fantasia, it is more than publicity stud. I wish fantasia can e-mail so that I tell her the message I have for her from above ... but obviously I don't know how to contact her ... I just got her name a few minutes ago in a vision. She needs to be prayed for let us pull together and pray for her. Whoever knows her please TELL HER TO PRAY ... THE LORD WANTS HER TO PRAY VERY SOON. JUDE NDAMBUKI

  • benicio19

    I really love Tasia. She makes you love her and pull for her. I love her spirit and her heart. We all make many mistakes in our lives, but it's how we handle ourselves in the wake of those mistakes that determine our character's worth. I wish her every joy and success.

  • born

    wooooooowwww....they filmed this.....I feel disgusted and dirty all of a sudden....

  • WTF?

    Who the hell is Fantasia?

  • Justsoyouknow

    Just so you know, you most definetly can kill yourself with an Aspirin overdose. An overdose of aspirin is toxic to the liver. The liver can only clear so much salicylate, the active ingredient in aspirin. You also stand a risk of bleeding to death, internally. Salicylate inhibits your blood platelets from adhering to each other to stop bleeding.

  • Learn to spell
    Learn to spell

    Wtf, more than 5 typos in this sh*t.

  • Dat Nugga Lee
    Dat Nugga Lee

    That Fantasia can feel like she has no other way out-or, no other way to call attention to her pain than to attempt suicide EVEN ON HER OWN REALITY SHOW is sad. BTW: How does anyone overdose on "aspiring"??? LOL. May I suggest reading your work or investing in spellcheck.

  • uh...

    "I care more about the guy down the street than I could ever care about Fantasia and the people that exploit her and all the other bottom of the barrel dwellers" If you don't care about it then why even comment about this at all? :) You just wasted, maybe 60 seconds of your life commenting on something you don't care about lol

  • hmmm

    This is so unbelievably depraved. If this was for real and they filmed it, disgusting. If this was fake and they filmed it, disgusting. The lengths people will go to for a headline! And this was barely even that! What a sorry attempt... attempt for what who knows. There isn't anyone out there that could give a rat's ass about this crap. I'm so sick of the famously-non-famous and their lack of perspective. I care more about the guy down the street than I could ever care about Fantasia and the people that exploit her and all the other bottom of the barrel dwellers. Get over yourself and use something that could actually kill you next time.

  • Jane

    She bounced back very quickly from being down to being up again. Was this just a publicity stunt? I mean who OD's on aspirin? Good way to jump start a lagging career.