Fashion Misses: What Happened?

Fashion Misses: What Happened?-photo

As any award ceremony teaches us, they can't all be winners. For as many flawless looks that inspired Golden Globe viewers around the world, there are just as many that tank.

While we can all speculate on the anatomy of a flop, Celebuzz must insist on a few answers.

Really, Renee Zellweger? Was there an invasive search at hotel security?

And Cameron Diaz, we love you in anything but structural layers may not be best, especially when your bright smile is dimmed by darker hair.

Drew Barrymore, we admire an attempt at big glamour. Big hair and pageant dress does not big glamour make, however.

Alek Wek, you're a model. No excuse. Maggie Gyllenhaal, while drab-fab is your shtick, it shouldn't be a rule.

And while Glenn Close, Marisa Tomei and Blake Lively (in a shockingly ill-fitted frock) are culprits all—the biggest WTF is for Angelina Jolie.

Angie. We've seen this dress for about two years. Being a mother of six must be no picnic, but we've got a feeling you could manage to find at least a new color family.

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  • sbaran

    Giffiths is in there!

  • sbaran

    Griffiths is pregnant. Cut her some slack. Barrymore looked like an 80s soap opera star gone wrong.

  • Melissa

    Some of the dresses you rag on are actually kinda nice (Drew Barrymore's) compared to some of the monstrosities you that thing that Rachel Griffiths wore.