Fergie and Josh Duhamel: Engaged...Forever?

Fergie and Josh Duhamel: Engaged...Forever?-photo

Everyone's favorite clumsy star Fergie has been swapping spit with Transformers hottie Josh Duhamel for over four years now, and the two have been engaged since last Christmas.

However, sightings of the two lovebirds together are few and far between, which begs the question: What gives?

They bought a house together last year, but the fashionable singer is always on-the-go, and Josh has been busy with his acting gig, currently hard at work on the Transformers sequel.

In response to public doubt about their relationship, Josh has said, "We just genuinely love each other. We stay out of the spotlight as much as we can. So many times people are too in the spotlight, which puts too much pressure on things."

Good point...but c'mon! Seal the deal, before it's too late



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  • rosetana4

    i dont like fergie alot, she is not Suitable for him i think he need better than her

  • jessicaboots

    Yeah, they have plans, but their careers are so busy right now. But give them a break, it's only been like 9 months since they got engaged! Some people stay engaged for years!

  • kandikane

    Well I work on the set of one of their projects and I can tell you they are very much together. Just very busy. Fergie is filming the movie "Nine" in London and just is just wrapping filming at Holloman airforce base fr Transformers 2. They have a wedding date, but they are now working like crazy!