First Images: Lindsay Lohan Goes Porn

First Images: Lindsay Lohan Goes Porn-photo

Should we really be surprised that Lindsay Lohan should pull off the role of a porn star so convincingly?

Behold, the first batch of posters created for the troubled starlet's upcoming film Inferno, in which she plays ill-fated Deep Throat actress Linda Lovelace.

The images were posted by Tyler Shields, who snapped the pics, on his Web site. Shields writes,

"So a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting Lindsay for the film inferno with the director Matthew Wilder and we got some insane shots! This is just a small taste…"

Can't wait for a bigger taste.

What do you think of Lindsay's turn as a porn star? Let us know in the comments section!



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  • Leyla

    You know, I'm not Lindsay's biggest fan, not even when she was at her best...yet this movie doesn't look bad, it's kind of interesting and she seems the perfect actress for that role.

  • Janet Tsai
    Janet Tsai

    hmmm i guess thats what she good at

  • Britini95

    You can say what you want about Lindsay's life choices, but you have to admit, she's an amazing talented actress. Its about time she did another movie!