Amy Schumer Shows off Her Bodacious Body to Fat Shamers!

If you're not a size negative 0 ..this one's for you!

Booooo to body shamers!

Amy Schumer, stand-up comedian and actress from Manhattan, is a hero in her own right. The Hollywood star is body positive and demands respect for her image and the image of girls similar to her’s. Just last year, Amy publicly called out Glamour Magazine for including her in a list of plus sized celebs (along side others like Adele and Melissa McCarthy). While Amy isn’t a size four or below, as is highly favored in Hollywood, she isn’t plus sized and didn’t deserve to be clumped in that bracket.

Off course, Hollywood, as a whole, never really listens to the pleas of the body positive (bigger sized) celebs or their efforts. So, Amy took matters into her own hands. The size six/eight celeb just gave her critics the biggest middle finger ever earlier this weekend when she posted her (*gasps*) body in a bathing suit! We have to say, we are loving skin she’s in.

Source: Instagram @amyschumer

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