Before Bravo: Scandalous Pasts of Your Favorite Real Housewives

Humble Beginnings!

There’s a reason that the cast members of The Real Housewives are as famous as they are. It’s not a coincidence that, on top of all of the drama they get into on the show, they also tend to make headlines for their personal lives multiple times a week. So what do all of the stars have in common? Well, needless to say, they all have a penchant for drama.

However as much as we love watching all of our favorite Housewives deal with their husbands, friends, and just duke it out in general, they didn’t just spring into the world the way that they are. Instead, they spent years becoming the dramatic people they are today. So where were they before they appeared on Bravo?

Well, the honest truth is that many of them had pretty normal (if maybe a bit melodramatic) lives before they landed their role on Bravo, but for a handful of the Housewives, they had appearances on other shows before they made it big.

Some of the most die-hard Housewives fans have uncovered some of their favorite cast members making their debuts before they ever appeared on the show, and it’s probably safe to assume that the cast members would be happy if no one ever remembered these episodes.

Source: Instagram @jessica___