‘Below Deck’ Star Calls Ex-Girlfriend Bad News Amid Nasty Domestic Violence Drama

What a way to start the season!

It’s season five of Below Deck and Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain is single. In Tuesday’s season premiere, Kate returns to the Valor with a whole new crew. Emphasis on “new!” One stewardess, Brianna Adekeye, has some yachting experience but never as a stewardess. The other, Jennifer Howell, has absolutely none, but “loves big boats.”

As Kate trains the ladies on how she runs the crew, she tries to get to know Brianna a bit better. She asks if she’s dating and Brianna says she’s not, because she’s been traveling a lot for the past three and a half years. When Brianna flips the question back to Kate, she answers, “My last relationship was brief and I realized it was not that cool.” She then says off camera, “I don’t trust my judgment. If I’m attracted to someone, it’s probably bad news.”

Could that “bad news” be ex-girlfriend Rocio Hernandez?

Credit: Bravo