More Leaked Videos! Blac Chyna Caught in Yet Another X-Rated Scandal

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Another XXX tape has leaked, and she's not happy about it!

Blac Chyna just can’t seem to shake off scandal. As it turns out, there is allegedly a second video of the 29-year-old caught in an explicit act that’s floating around online. The 13-minute clip, which was first leaked on Twitter before going viral, shows a woman who looks strikingly similar to Rob Kardashian‘s baby mama engaged in a steamy tryst with another man.

Now, as the X-rated footage is being circulated on various adult websites, Chyna and her lawyers are racing to have it taken down and scrubbed from the internet. According to her team, there’s a very specific reason why the mom-of-two doesn’t want her name associated with the raunchy tape.