Bush Daughters Reveal Wild Escapades While in the White House

Girls gone wild

Being a celebrity kid must be surreal. Maybe it’s different when you have always known your mom or dad is special… but what about if you are thrust into the limelight suddenly after leading a relatively normal life? Like… you know, the children of US presidents who are in office. Take twins Jenna and Barbara Bush, the two daughters of President George W. Bush.

While their dad was campaigning, the twins were seniors in high school. They didn’t think anything of their father’s choice to run for president — they actually didn’t think that he’d win in the first place. Then, one day, they found themselves living in the White House. They were already in college by then and were determined to get the “college experience.” Secret Service be damned.

You might have heard the scandal, but here is the truth from Jenna’s mouth.

Credit: Tim Sloan/Getty Images