Wait, How Much?! See The Cost of These Celeb Weddings!

When it comes to saying 'I do' these celebs spared no expense.

Don’t you just love weddings? The flowers, the cake… the dress! Planning a wedding can certainly be one of the most exciting (and sometimes stressful) events one can experience. Many factors play into the stress surrounding wedding planning but most times it all boils down to cost. Let’s face it, our fantasies can sometimes outweigh our budgets. When this happens, the only choice we have is to break out our craft boxes and plan some DIY projects with the bridal party.

For celebrities, though, cost is not a component when it comes to planning a fairytale wedding. Just take these outrageous celebrity weddings, proving that money is really of no object when you’re a star.

Source: Youtube @TheRichest

See the tab these celebrity weddings racked up.
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