Celebs Caught Saying Racist Comments

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Be careful what you say...

When you think about it… Celebrities are a lot like children/teenagers. They blow their money, party, make messes, and say the darnedest things in public. Their fans, assuming the role of the parent, love their celebrities dearly. Singers, rappers, actors, and TV personalities are hoisted onto tall pedestals and praised, but fans never hesitate to chastise them, if needed.

Celebrities are constantly making stupid mistakes. There was the time Wiz Khalfia angered everyone in Colombia by very publicly visiting the grave of Pablo Escobar; the drug lord widely held responsible for making Colombia the murder capital of the world throughout the 80s. There was the time John Mayer called the magic wand in his pants a “white supermisimtics.” ¬†Then, who could forget the time Martha Steward went to prison for… whatever it was she went to prison for?

Like parents, fans punish celebs and then forgive them. Wiz khalifa still sold records after he left Colombia. John Mayer is still getting laid. Martha Steward came out of prison cooler than ever. And, though not previously mentioned, it should still be pointed out that Chris Brown can still fill up an arena.

The point: Fans forgive celebrities for anything, including being a little, or a lot, racist. Check out these celebs who offended people, one culture at a time.

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Everybody makes mistakes