Duggar Family Mocks Single Sister

She doesn't need to be reminded she's single

Things are moving along for the Duggar family now that Jinger, Joseph, and Joy-Anna are expecting their first children. Jessa and Jill just gave birth to their second children, and even Josiah is courting! Still, there’s something different about 28-year-old twins Jana and John-David who have remained completely single even though their younger siblings are courting, getting married, and having families of their own.

On a recent trip to Australia, it was noted that the nearly-30-year-old twins were absent. They were off celebrating their birthdays without their massive family. To make matters worse, Jana’s father ― Duggar patriarch Jim Bob ― took a moment to point out the rather embarrassing fact that Jana has yet to follow in her sisters’ footsteps.

Source: Instagram @seewaldfam