At It Again! Duggar Star Says Gender Fluidity Is Child Abuse

Derick's at it again!

The Dillards can’t seem to stay out of the headlines with their shocking behavior. Mom-of-two Jill Duggar railed against her conservative lifestyle and got a nose piercing that she proudly showed off on social media. She’s also been spotted wearing tight jeans which were forbidden in her father’s house. Meanwhile, her husband Derick has been so outspoken about his beliefs on transgender people that he’s been booted from the family show.

Though he won’t be able to speak his mind on TV, he’s very active on social media where he constantly espouses his unpopular beliefs about gender fluidity. This time, he went so far as to say that children are being abused by those who want to share their beliefs about being transgender. This may be the last straw for many of his die-hard fans.

Source: Instagram @derickdillard