Giving Into Temptation? Duggars Struggle to Stay Chaste Before Marriage

Uh oh!

Not everyone can abide by Duggars’ strict religious rules. The Counting On clan may be known for their squeaky clean image, but there’s a lot of secret sexual desire bubbling beneath the surface. In a new video, the younger members of the fundamentalist family reveal their personal struggles in staying chaste before marriage.

Not only did Joy-Anna Duggar — who is rumored to have conceived her baby before her wedding — have difficulties in keeping her hands off husband Austin Forsyth, but newlyweds Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell also had trouble waiting until marriage! As someone from the family plainly put it: “The desires are getting stronger.”

Can Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar keep their kids’ lusty urges in check?

Credit: TLC