Forgotten Stars Currently Rotting in Jail

From paparazzi snapshots to police mugshots...

Everyone loves a good celebrity sighting. Whether they’re tanning on the beach or being interviewed about the latest fad diet they’re practicing, people tend to hang onto a celeb’s every word and move.

While it’s probably flattering for them to be chronicled on the daily, we’re willing to bet there are some moments they wish had never seen the light of day. And yet the more money they make and the more exposure they receive, the more questionable characters they meet. While these connections can often help grow a celebrity’s portfolio of stardom, there can also be the unsavory side effect of new enemies made, secrets long buried in the past dug up anew, and more temptation to try their hand at legal and financial shortcuts.

What’s so hard about paying taxes, even when it would only be a drop from your stashed millions? Is it really worth getting into that fight or assault with a friend, stranger, or loved one when you know there are cameras just waiting for you to crack? And did you truly think you would get away with all those skeletons in your closet once you’re under the magnifying glass of the entire world?

See the stars that are currently doing time in a cell for their run-ins with the law.

Credit: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

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