Is Jinger Duggar on Birth Control? Fans Demand to Know Why She’s Not Pregnant

"Jinger, are you seeing an infertility doctor?"

The Duggar pregnancy watch is getting out of hand. Amid news that Joseph Duggar is expecting his first child with Kendra Caldwell after just three months of marriage, fans of the family are now looking at Jinger Duggar — who is the only married sister who has yet to have kids — and wondering why the 24-year-old hasn’t gotten pregnant after more than a year of wedded bliss. In fact, some of these so-called loyal followers have even started to harass the Counting On star, accusing her of everything from using birth control to being infertile — as if either is somehow a crime — as the reason for the delay in starting a family!

So, what’s the truth? Read on to find out.

Source: Instagram @jingervuolo