Kim and Kanye’s Marriage on the Rocks Due to Serious Weight Gain

It looks like Kanye is gaining sympathy baby weight

When you live your life in the spotlight, every little flaw gets noticed, scrutinized, and criticized by millions of people who don’t even know you. Though we’re living in an age of increasing body positivity, the haters are going to point out every new pound, pimple, or scar before anyone can say that it shouldn’t matter. Reality star, social media queen, and business mogul Kim Kardashian knows just how cruel some people can be when they pick-apart every detail of your physical appearance, but her husband Kanye West might not be so used to it.

Kanye is looking a bit different these days, and fans just can’t let it go. They’ve gone in on the “Stronger” rapper and haven’t stopped speculating about how his appearance might be affecting his life. Only the star, his family, and his close friends know the truth — and it turns out that Kim might not be taking it well.

Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images