Kardashian Klan Livid Over Caitlyn Jenner’s Candid Memoir

Uh oh... The Kardashians are in an uproar over Caitlyn's new tell all

Could there be trouble in Kardashian Paradise?

Sources say the most recent source of their drama is stemming from the family’s upset at Caitlyn Jenner’s new memoir titled <em>The Secrets of My Life</em>. The book which will hit shelves on April 25 is guaranteed to be seeping with lots of confidential information straight from Caitlyn’s loose lips.

But, could the book be the only reason the Kardashian Klan wants to turn the pages on Caitlyn? It certainly seems that the memoir’s contents are something that reality TV’s royal family will want to close the book on.

(That, or padlock the closet door so the skeletons don’t come sashaying out in heels and a purse).

Either way, we don’t think this tale will have a happy ending.

Credit: TeTe Terry/ Splash News

Caitlyn's book might be a bestseller but The Kardashians aren't buying it.
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