Kate Middleton Wants Topless Photos of Her Removed!

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They couple want w $1.6 million pay off to settle the matter

The Brits are considered one of the most refined nations of people in the world. With their impeccable manners and love for luxury and classically traditional style, it’s no wonder that the the future queen wants these less than elegant photos of herself sunbathing topless to come down! Yep, that’s right. Kate Middleton is not pleased with the latest photoshoot of herself that’s been circling around in a French magazine and her and her regal hubby are not going to stand for the invasion of their privacy any longer. The trial began on Tuesday for Closer magazine and six individuals associated with the publication and a newspaper called La Provence. Not to be confused with the UK’s Closer magazine …this French edition is facing a whopping $1.6 million dollar price tag for this breach in the royal couple’s privacy (hopefully, they got nips for the amount of this hefty sum).

Credit: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

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