Khloé and Tristan Engaged?!

A double whammy?

Khloé Kardashianhasn’t had it as easy as some of other family members. She’s battled body-shaming haters and rumors that she isn’t actuslly a Kardashian. Back in 2001, she suffered a traumatic brain injury from car accident. She actually flew through the windshield and suffered a severe concussion, causing long-term memory loss. She then had a troubled marriage to Lamar Odom, which lasted seven years. Of course, we can’t forget Lamar’s dramatic and life-threatening hospitalization in 2015. Suffice it say, Khloé has been through a lot and has come out stronger than ever.

The world seems to know every move every Kardashian makes. So what’s with this engagement talk when she won’t even admit she’s pregnant?!

Credit: CMaidana/Backgrid